Access Online Order Tracking at


My Online Ticket Tracker

  1. Enables a customer to track their ticker order on the Web’
  2. Requires the clients email and #
  3. Any questions about the website can be directed to customer support at 1-866-856-6228

In the event of a ticket not being received my email please check the spam folder of the given email before calling the above number. The consumer will need Adobe Reader/Acrobat and also a working printer to publish the tickets.

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Printing Tickets

  1. Tickets can be published more than
  2. Only one ticket will probably be scanned in and another ticket would be considered invalid
  3. If the consumer is Unable to publish the tickets please restart the computer before attempting to print the tickets again

In case the event if questions is cancelled that the customer is likely to be refunded for 100 percent of their ticket cost minus the shipping fee if applicable. When the event is rescheduled the original tickets will be respected. The customer needs to make contact with the ticket seller ASAP about even new and refunds event postponement dates.

Other Guidelines

  1. Store the tickets in a safe, cool, dry place until the day of the event
  2. If the tickets have been stolen or lost please get the ticket seller
  3. Printed tickets carry exactly the same value of tickets
  4. If the consumer does not have a printer please check the Neighborhood public library

My Ticket Tracker is available in English, French and Spanish.

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