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Shell Fleet Card Account Online?


You can get into your Shell business-card accounts on the web with a user ID and password. The agency is operated by Citi Bank in conjunction with Shell. When You have accessed your accounts you can perform these actions online:

  1. Cover a invoice
  2. Upgrade Shell Fleet Card account info
  3. Printing statements

The agency is free to use and also a 5 second registration procedure is necessary for new clients. When registering a customer will desire their Shell account number, card expiry date, billing zip code, fleet managers name and a business email address. Please note that if you offer a contact Shell may contact you in regards to advice regarding services and products which might be of interest for you personally.

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Royal Dutch Shell

Shell is a public limited company that specializes in the oil and petrol production/sales. The company was formed in 1907 and is currently headquartered in the Netherlands. Shell is considered one among the major “Six” petroleum and has organizations with earnings over 400 billion dollars. The Business was formed as a merge between Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and also the “Shell” Transport and Trading Company Back February of 1907. It should be mentioned that over the years Shell has spent more than 150 million dollars concerning voluntary social investments worldwide.

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Shell Contact

  • Mail: Carel van Bylandtlaan 30, 2596 HR Den Haag, Netherlands
  • Phone: +31 70 377 9111
  • In the US: Phone: 888-GO-SHELL (888-467-4355) OR BY Email:

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