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Takata Airbag Product Liability Litigation and Claim Information:


Class Action Settlements can be quite complicated to know times and submitting the necessary records can be considered a significant weight. That is quite true of reimbursement such as the Takata Airbag Settlement strictly due to the fact that such as for example great numbers of cars and consumers are suffering from the assert. The most crucial point to know is their are 6 different businesses that make cars that were influenced by the claim so it is important you sort through this possible confusion before completing a form.

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Exactly What Exactly Are some of the Most Important High Lights Regarding the Takata Air-bag Settlement?

  1. The Takata Airbag Settlement covers a Wide Selection of cars and auto manufactures – there are different maintain types depending on your vehicle which needs to be noted
  2. BMW, Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Mazda and Honda are makers which all had vehicles affected by this claim -Estimates are sent to customers who may have been influenced
  3. To submit a claim that you can do this online by selecting the Right claim type, providing the requested information for example your vehicle VIN number and filing the kind
  4. If You Believe You Might Be eligible for this claim you can check your eligibility by calling the questions on your claim information website which will Ascertain if your automobile is eligible

Due to the nature of the claim (airbags are a security feature) that the settlement requires users to carry their automobiles that are affected to their automobile to get a Takata air-bag Recall Remedy which will deal with problem with the airbag to restore proper functionality. In the event that you do not have your vehicle (sold, rent expired, and so forth) you will still be an eligible person in this class action lawsuit.

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Listed Here Are Some More Details Regarding The Air-bag Law-suit:

  1. A complete list of impacted vehicles can be found on the main settlement website
  2. Claims can be performed online or paperwork could be sent in to Auto Air-bag Settlement, Settlement Notice Administrator, PO Box 3207, Portland OR 97208-3207


  • 1-888-735-5596