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Debt Payment Center


The Easy Debt Pay centre permits a customer cover a free account balance online. To produce a payment that the user will need their account number and 5 digit zip code. The Easy Debt Pay page is managed by West asset-management debt collections. Any questions concerning any of it debt collecting service needs to be guided to 1-888-433-2886 out of 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time.

West Corporation

  1. Based out of Omaha, Nebraska
  2. Specializes in voice communication between clients, work force, partners and sellers
  3. Has operations in the USA, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asiapacific along with Latin America

The West Corporation prides themselves in personalized and technology services that better serve their own clients to compete at an ever changing market place. The business is directed by CEO Tom Baker who was with West since 1991 and is now a grad of the University of Dayton. Second-in-command is Nancee Berger who’s the Chief Operating Officer/President and has been with West since 1989. Nancee Berger graduated from the University of Nebraska and worked with IBM before West.

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West Services Performed

  1. Conferencing and Collaboration: Home to the world’s largest conference telephone program at InterCall
  2. Event Services: Provides coaching solutions or aid launch a new product
  3. IP communications: Offers customers enterprise-class IP Based communications services, cloud-based and handled business communications
  4. Public Safety: Assist 911 emergency hotlines with communicating technologies
  5. Automated Services: Enhancing the grade of customer service
  6. Alarms and Notifications: Engage customers through alarms
  7. Agent-based Purchaser Contacts: Provides contact facility and also home-based agents
  8. Businesstobusiness Interior Revenue Solutions
  9. Direct-response Solutions
  10. Receivables Management Solutions
  11. Cost Containment Solutions: Assist physicians in controlling cost and spending

The West Corporation can be seen on the NASDAQ stock exchange under ticker WSTC and is founded at 11808 Miracle Hills Drive, Omaha, NE 68154.

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