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James Junes and Ernest Tsosie III are “James & Ernie” Native American comedy duo from the Navajo Nation. James and Ernie are the first ever Navajo comedy duo. They have been climbing the comedy ladder entertaining audiences around the Southwest, and are now breaking into the national scene with their latest DVD titled “James & Ernie-fied 04”– Live in Farmington, New Mexico by Time and Tide Production.

The duo’s comedy performance is a mixture of reservation humor, stand up comedy, sketch comedy, and musical parodies of life in the 70’s, 80’s, to the now. Along with their sidesplitting comedy, the pair delivers a positive message promoting healthy life style choices of wellness, fitness, and saying no to drugs, alcohol and domestic abuse.

Being former substance abusers themselves James and Ernie are now proud sober, and drug free Native American men. And they share their uplifting positive message with Native communities and Native peoples in every show where ever they are performing. They use their own lives and stories as their weapon in this fight against destructive negative life styles that plague all Native peoples. Their important message is ingeniously delivered with in their humor and is a part of their comedy show. Every performance is packed with tear rolling humor, which serves as the vehicle to pass the important message to all ages young and old alike. The material of the comedy duo is for all ages, and most can relate on one level or another making the show a treat for all to experience.

Ernest Tsosie III and James Junes, were both born and raised on the Navajo Nation. James and Ernie met backstage at a native comedy competition in 2001. James won first place at the competition, which was the first ever Navajo Nation stand up comedy competition held in Farmington, NM. Ernie was the runner up winner that night, and that competition marked the beginning of their solid friendship, brotherhood and comedy careers for both performers and the two have not let up since. They have shared the stage and even the screen with some of the best Native American entertainers of North America, Charlie Hill, Vanessa Short Bull, Drew Lacapa, Vincent Craig, Chance Rush, Wes Studi, Adam Beach, Gary Farmer, Derek Miller, George Leach, Lite Foot, Ulali, and many others.

James and Ernie are so “serious about being funny” that they quit their day jobs to pursue comedy and acting on a full time basis. Their message to others is this…“You don’t know what you can do until you try!”

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